This game is adorable. Graphics are very nice. Very happy I bought it!!” ~Cupcate129 (US)
A nice twist on a familiar theme. The graphics are gorgeous.” ~ Steve Thorn (US)
Awesome little physics based game... looks GREAT on a big screen! =oD” ~ syntheticvoid (US)

Enter the beautiful world of Cataline! Made out of fabric and tapestry, get ready to be drawn into the charm of intricate embroidery! Wait, this is a game right? Yes it is!

Cataline the ginger cat is hungry! Launch her into the air and land in the fish bowl safely! Use your skills to accurately direct her with the right amount of pulling power and angle.


Rainbow Power! Use the boost button to give a slight boost to her flight speed. Throw yarn balls to the kittens.

But watch out for obstacles and enemies! Sometimes you have to shoot the yarn balls at them to help you out.


This game is all about strategy and skill! Do you have what it takes to win the game?


60 Levels to complete over 2 "seasons".

Let's play!

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Its an old formula but with enough new twists and fun colorful graphics to keep the game fresh I mean come on the look if fantastic the cat is cute and cuddly and there's enough of a challange to keep you coming back for more” ~ dreadnok (US)
This game is stunning on the big screen, I love the graphics, and the tapestry artwork is amazing! Reminds me of Kirby's epic yarn! Great job, and enjoying the puzzles!!” ~ Alucard_Moon
If you enjoy catapult style games and cute cats, you will love Cataline. My 10, 12 and 16 yr old daughters are going nuts over it. They think it's adorable.” Mindoug
The first thing to stand out is the art style. Each object looks like it has been made from felt or some other material. And then all the characters and backgrounds have been arranged like a collage. It should definitely appeal to children but has a lot of charm for adults too.

“The gameplay is simple and the controls easy to use. It's a physics-type game where you aim your slingshot and fire (in this case a cat) into the goal (fish tanks) while collecting stars on the way. It's harder than I would have thought, I'm already having to take a few attempts per level by about level 11.” ~
8 Bit Bob (UK)
Simple concept, fantastic graphics, soothing music, great backgrounds and cute cats its every 3 year olds dream. My kids loved it!” ~ Lazlo73 (UK)

Wow, this game is so polished. Superb art. Really a pleasure just to look at.” ~ Gob Name (Canada)

“这款游戏画面很有爱配乐也不错。而且玩起来很轻松让人很舒服。我必须支持一下这款应用”~ 大狸子吃苹果 (China)

“simply, a must buy, the game is so relaxing, the games' graphics r so relaxing to the eye, the game modes r very nice, lvls r so interesting, in short, it deserves its price : ) Thanx for the game Afzainizam Zahari : ) “ ~ Khildy1 (Egypt)

“The graphics is great and the music is even better! Extremely enjoyable!” ~
Jupija (Poland)

“ชอบครับซื้อมาแล้ว ภาพสวยมาก เล่นเพลินเลย” ~ สิน (Thailand)

Coming Soon! Update 1.1 bringing new levels!